Some academic updates

Back to the blog with an update on my academic work for those who are interested.

This fall the Routledge Handbook of Gender and Agriculture was officially published! I had the privilege of contributing a chapter on food sovereignty and gender equity. Many thanks to editor Carolyn Sachs for soliciting my work and including it in the volume. Here is my chapter’s short abstract:

This chapter provides a discussion of the historical and evolving role of gender justice in the global movement for food sovereignty. While an explicit commitment to gender equity has been embedded in the food sovereignty concept from its earliest articulations, it is a broad movement with a wide range of stakeholders and priorities. Some critics argue that the breadth of the food sovereignty vision has led to internal contradictions, and practical efforts to attain gender equity have lagged. The chapter outlines some of the perceived contradictions between gender justice and other specified food sovereignty goals. It then explores the possibility alleviating some of these internal tensions by situating food sovereignty within an ecological feminist theoretical framework.

Find the overall synopsis of the book and its table of contents here. You should be able to access this book through institutional libraries, as it is part of a popular Routledge series. If anyone is interested in reading my chapter, please reach out and I’ll send a copy to you directly!

If you aren’t up to reading a whole book chapter on gender and food sovereignty but are interested in the topic, you’re in luck! This summer I had a lovely phone conversation with my friend and fellow philosopher Ian Werkheiser for his podcast, Thought About Food! Ian and I discuss the main ideas of the book chapter, but also ecofeminism more broadly, some of my thoughts on raising animals for human consumption, and my family’s holiday cookie tradition. That episode is available to listeners now. Find the podcast via the following links:

While I haven’t been doing a whole lot of writing this year, I have been doing a lot of reading! The quarantine life is not too hard when you’re a book lover. Up next, my year-end book recommendations. Check back soon!

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