Women in Philosophy: Linda Martín Alcoff

In teaching introductory philosophy courses, I find that most of my young students want to adopt one of two pretty extreme general orientations. Either there is one universal truth or standard, or everything is completely relative. I often find myself turning to the work of feminist scholars to illustrate more nuanced alternatives to these positions. … Continue reading Women in Philosophy: Linda Martín Alcoff

Women in Philosophy: Kimberlé Crenshaw

Most of us are familiar with liberation movements that center on some specific aspect of social identity: women’s rights, African American rights, LGBTQ+ rights, immigrants’ rights, etc.  As identity politics continues to reassert itself in evolving and intriguing ways, the work of Kimberle Crenshaw is crucial. If her name isn’t familiar you still might have … Continue reading Women in Philosophy: Kimberlé Crenshaw

Women in Philosophy: Val Plumwood

Last week my family and I had a lovely little break and enjoyed some quality time together. Vacation. What a treat! Thanks for your patience as this site idled. I want to wade back into blogging by highlighting the work of some brilliant philosophers. Guess what, they're women! Academic philosophy is overwhelmingly homogeneous in terms of … Continue reading Women in Philosophy: Val Plumwood