About Anne

I earned my PhD in philosophy from University of Georgia in December 2016. Broadly, my research is in the areas of environmental ethics, feminism, political philosophy and moral theory. I concentrate in ecological feminism and philosophy of food. My dissertation, entitled “Ecological Feminism and Place-based Food Ethics,” demonstrated how the increasingly prominent “good food movement” benefits from thoughtful engagement with critical ecological feminist perspectives. In it I interrogated and extended on the normative framework of ecological feminist philosopher Val Plumwood. I also provided detailed ecological feminist critiques of two visions of “good food:” contemporary American agrarianism and the global movement for food sovereignty.

I have published work on food ethics and justice in Ethics & the Environment and the Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics. Citations for that work and others can be found on the “Publications and Presentations” page. My current research interests include continued inquiry into the nature of self as ecological, the boundary-blurring practices of wildcrafting and urban foraging, and the ongoing racialization of food and agriculture.

The purpose of this website is to promote my formal work, provide a platform for less formal work, and connect with others through philosophy. Check out the “Blog” page for my latest philosophical engagements with current events, parenthood, and living in the urban American South.