Black History Month

As should be evident by now to those who have followed my blog, I am philosophically interested in race and racism. As an individual, I am committed to acknowledging white privilege and upholding ideals of racial equity. Yet, Black History Month came and went without me writing anything specifically connected to acknowledging it. Before February passes into March and we move from Black History to Women’s History, I wanted to share the following list of goals.  I saw it at the beginning of the month and it is provided as a way for white people to celebrate Black History Month. But generalize on some of these items, and it is really a list of things that anti-racist white people can incorporate into their lives. And it really has very little to do with learning about individual historical figures, which is how my children mark black history month at school, and is just one aspect of learning history. Rather it emphasizes a broader range of things that individual people can do to honor black lives.


Here is the link for the Me and White Supremacy Workbook:

If you want book recommendations, tell me a little bit about what interests you and I can probably help; recommending books is one of my favorite things to do.

There are, of course, obviously, many more things that white people can do to self-educate, and to support black individuals and communities. I would add: find out what your elected officials are doing, specifically, to advance criminal justice reform. If you can’t find an answer or are unsatisfied by the answer, fire off an email. What would you add to the list?


2 thoughts on “Black History Month

  1. I highly recommend the Black Agenda Report:
    Unflinching and highly critical of the United States so only for those white people who can hold space for a radical and for most in this country a difficult perspective to entertain.


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